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Green Olmypiad Sample Question Paper




Green Olypiad Sample Paper LEVEL –I (Classes 4 & 5)

Green Olypiad Sample Paper LEVEL 2 (Classes 6-8)

Green Olypiad Sample Paper Level 3 (Classes 9-10)


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Green Olympiad, Level 1 (Students from classes 4 and 5)

ISBN   Title Price Rs.   Price USD
9788179932001   101 Facts: Amazing Creatures 185   15
9788179931998   101 Facts: Natural Disasters 185   15
9788179931974   101 Facts: Natural World 185   15
9788179932025   101 Facts: Renewable Energy 185   15
9788179932018   101 Facts: Saving the Earth 185   15
9788179931646   Green Genius Guide: What are Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi, and more… 75   11
9788179931615   Green Genius Guide: What are Landfills, Vermicomposting, Recycling, and more… 75   11
9788179931639   Green Genius Guide: What are Pollution, Smoke, Smog, and more… 75   11
9788179931592   Green Genius Guide: What are Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Avalanches, and more… 75   11
9788179931240   Green Genius Guide: What are Wind Power, Solar Power, Hydropower, and more… 75   11
9788179931721   Know All About Sun: The Great Ball of Fire! 75   11
9788179931745   Know All About Water: The Big Splash! 75   11
9788179931738   Know All About Wind: The Air in a Hurry! 75   11
9788179931837   Nature’s Fury: 101 Facts – Earthshaking Natural Disasters 185   15
9788179936443   Seed Soil Sun 185   13
9788179936627   Why Should I Protect Nature?: A smart kid’s guide to a green world 250   18
9788179934500   Why Should I Recycle? (A Smart kid’s guide to a green world) 225   16
9788179933695   Why Should I Save Water? (A Smart kid’s guide to a green world) 250   18
9788179936528   Wonder Waste: A Book on Composting 150   11

Level 1 package price: Rs 2770/$194 and Discounted price(@15%): Rs 2354/$165
(Mentioned prices are inclusive of postage in India only)


Green Olympiad: Level 2 (Students from classes 6, 7 and 8)

ISBN   Title Price
9788179932636   Beginner’s Science Dictionary 210   15
9789386530011   Enviro-Challenge: a compilation of the best of Green Olympiad, Second Edition 150   12
9788179933541   Green Science Genius: Electricity 155   12
9788179933558   Green Science Genius: Energy 155   12
9788179933534   Green Science Genius: Light 155   12
9788179933527   Green Science Genius: Sound 155   12
9788179931424   Save Planet Earth: 101 Q & A on Climate Change 185   15
9788179931431   Save Planet Earth: Future Power—Green Gadget Guide 185   15
9788179931462   Save Planet Earth: Know Climate Change 185   15
9788179931448   Save Planet Earth: Reduce Reuse Recycle 185   15
9788179931455   Save Planet Earth: SOS – In Extreme Danger 185   15
9789386530141   The Rage of Waters: Understanding Floods 250   18

Level 2 package price: Rs 2155/$151 and Discounted price(@15%): Rs 1832/$128
(Mentioned prices are inclusive of postage in India only)


Green Olympiad: Level 3 (students from classes 9 and 10)

ISBN   Title Price
9788179934531   50 FAQs on Air Pollution: know all about air pollution and do your bit to limit it 125   11
9788179935408   50 FAQs on Waste Management: know all about waste management and do your bit to limit the waste on earth 125   11
9789386530011   Enviro-Challenge: a compilation of the best of Green Olympiad, Second Edition 150   12
9788179936382   Exploring Heat Light Sound Energy 250   18
9788179932117   Future Power,Future Energy Hydropower 155   12
9788179932124   Future Power,Future Energy: Bioenergy 155   12
9788179932131   Future Power,Future Energy: Hydrogen Power 155   12
9788179932094   Future Power,Future Energy: Solar Power 155   12
9788179932100   Future Power,Future Energy: Wind Power 155   12
9788179934982   Green Gadgets (A savvy, green guide to gadgets for a sustainable, low-carbon lifestyle) 250   18
9788179932056   Green Genius’s 101 Questions and Answers: Clean, Green Technology 185   15
9788179932049   Green Genius’s 101 Questions and Answers: Global Warming 185   15
9788179934449   Green Transport: Exploring Eco-Friendly Travel for a Better Tomorrow 295   20
9788179933916   Know all about: reduce, reuse, recycle 295   20

Level 3 package price: Rs 2635/$184 and Discounted price(@15%): Rs 2240/$157
(Mentioned prices are inclusive of postage in India only)

To purchase the books, please contact your nearest bookseller. You may also send your order along with payment directly to us by demand draft or cheque in favour of TERI, or purchase through TERI Bookstore ( All books are also available to purchase through

TERI also publish TerraGreen, a monthly magazine on environmental issues.  In case you have not subscribed it, please download the subscription form for subscription.

Feel free to contact us for any assistance.

The Toothless Cobra and other stories from the wild by Nabanita Deshmukh (ISBN: 9789386530165) Price: Rs.150

Let’s Save the Rain: A book on rainwater harvesting by Neha (ISBN: 9789386530073) Price: Rs.150

The Rage of Waters: Understanding Floods by Shatabdi (ISBN: 9789386530141) Price: Rs.250

How wacko is that?: Nature’s Bizarre… by Ranjit Lal (ISBN: 9789386530158) Price: Rs.185

National and State Symbols by Akila Sivakumar (ISBN: 9789386530066) Price: Rs.250

Chip, Chirp, Hoot: The Sound of Nature and Other Stories by Vijaylakshmi Nagaraj (ISBN: 9789386530042) Price: Rs.185

Why Should I Protect Nature?: A smart kid’s guide to a green world by Abhas Bhardwaj (ISBN: 9788179936627) Price: Rs.250

Why Should I Eat Healthy: A-Z of Food and Nutrition Guide by Neelanjana Singh (ISBN: 9789386530035) Price: Rs.250

Enviro-Challenge: a compilation of the best of Green Olympiad, Second Edition by TERI (ISBN: 9789386530011) Price: Rs.150

Seed Soil Sun by Sandhya Rao (ISBN: 9788179936443) Price: Rs.18

Other than and books are also available at a special discount of 10% (with free postage, India only) at our bookstore, payment can be made online or through cheque / demand draft in favor of TERI, payable at New Delhi.





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