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Open Text-based Assessment (OTBA) for classes IX:2015

English Theme 1 & 2 

Hindi Theme 1 & 2 

Mathmatics Theme 1 & 2- English

Science Theme 1 & 2- English

Social Science Theme 1 & 2- English



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57 Responses

  1. Neha subair says:

    OTBA questions and answers are vry useful!! Thanq reliable…

  2. shaquma says:

    does anybody know where is it?

  3. ViPuL says:

    i don’t got unseen passage like OTBA please hlo me

  4. Anjaneyulu says:

    It is very usful to me

  5. t says:

    I need a maths otba for reading of class 9

  6. Rutuja says:

    What abt Sanskrit otba theme is it thr or not

  7. Kashmir drall says:

    Not able to download the latest version of OTBA

  8. swathi nair says:

    not found… problem????????

  9. I want English,Hindi,Maths,Science,social science OTBA of SA -2 for class 9

  10. janani sweety says:

    i want sqp for social science for 2015 board coming tuesday (10.03.15) is our social science board exam

  11. priya bharti says:

    not bad

  12. yash meena says:

    why??? it is every time download fail?????
    yrrrr plz tell me…..

  13. md sami khan says:

    Why the page not open

  14. muskan says:


  15. Shamitha says:

    Why isn’t Hindi OTBA coming???????

  16. soooo thanks toooo this♡♡♥♡♡♥♡♡

  17. The file is not open after downloading
    This is not good yaar

  18. Why the English theme is not open

  19. rani says:

    how to download it

  20. priya says: is amazing

  21. sehjal says:

    its very good n helpful too

  22. Keshav says:

    Doesn’t open in Hindi… plz see…

  23. Divakar says:


  24. rahulkumar says:

    Thank you very useful for class 9student

  25. aman says:

    it helped me much

  26. rakesh singh says:

    otba is bad cbse matrial

  27. Abhishek says:

    thanks Its wonderfull

  28. Fiza Mansuri says:

    Thanks.It is very useful!

  29. aastha says:

    the file is not opening. After download..

  30. ishita says:

    And some files are not opening

  31. babyBABA says:

    Thanks a lot!!

  32. Priyanshu Singhania says:

    THANK YOU very much
    It is very useful

  33. faiz khan says:

    sample paper class 9 2015 march

  34. saksham rao says:

    Can’t open file

  35. Sumant says:

    excellent working site for otba

  36. namish Aggarwal says:

    papers are easy to get via net

  37. Divyansh says:

    its good

  38. Anjali pangaria says:

    The file is not opening

  39. brahma says:

    thank you very much

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