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Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSIHL)Admission 2015-16

 Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning (SSIHL)Admission 2015-16

SSIHL offers several courses for admissions (Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Professional programmes) for applicants.

There are separate programmes available for WOMEN and MEN applicants, as the University hosts separate campuses for Women and Men students. The University also offers M.Phil. and Ph.D.programmes for Women and Men students.
At the Postgraduate level, only a limited number of courses are open for direct admissions. The remaining postgraduate courses are integrated programmes whereby students graduating in certain undergraduate programmes automatically qualify for Masters programmes, provided they get the required Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) at the Undergraduate level.
The following is a full list of DEGREE PROGRAMMES OPEN FOR ADMISSIONS to SSSIHL:
Programmes for Women
Undergraduate Programmes (Duration: 3 years)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Science in Food Science & Nutrition
Bachelor of Science in Food Technology
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Biosciences leading to M.Sc. (Biosciences)
Postgraduate Programmes (Duration: 2 years)
Master of Arts in English Language & Literature
Master of Science in Biosciences
Master of Science in Food Science and Nutrition
Master of Science in Food Technology
Professional Programmes (Duration: 1 year)
Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Master of Education (M.Ed.)
Professional Programmes (Duration: 2 years)
Programmes for Men
Undergraduate Programmes (Duration: 3 years)
Bachelor of Arts
Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Economics
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Economics
Bachelor of Commerce (Hons.)
Bachelor of Business Administration
Bachelor of Computer Applications leading to Master of Computer Applications
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Mathematics / Physics / Chemistry / Biosciences (leading to Postgraduate Programmes in respective subjects)
Postgraduate Programmes (Duration: 2 years)
Master of Arts Economics
Master of Science in Mathematics
Master of Science in Physics
Master of Science in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
Master of Science in Chemistry
Master of Science in Biosciences
Professional Programmes (Duration: 2 years)
MBA in Finance
Master of Technology in Computer Science
Master of Technology in Optoelectronics & Communications
Master of Technology in Analytical Metho


Admissions for Academic Year 2015/16

The following are the key application deadlines for Admissions in the Academic year 2015/16 (dates subject to change)

Deadline Application Component
5 Dec 2014 to 15 Feb 2015 Availability of Paper application forms
5 Dec 2014 to 20 Feb 2015 Availability of Online application portal
28 Feb 2015 Deadline for receipt of all completed Applications by SSSIHL
2nd week of March 2015 Dispatch of Admissions Tests Entrance cards to eligible candidates
31 March 2015 Final list of candidates eligible for admissions tests is published
17-30 April 2015 Written Tests & Interviews (for all programmes)
1 May 2015 Publication of provisional list of candidates selected for admissions
31 May 2015 Reporting date for candidates selected for admissions
1 Jun 2015 Academic Year 2015/16 commences

Candidates who do not meet the deadlines given above – at any stage of their application – will not be considered for admissions.We highly recommend that you download the SSSIHL Admissions Handbook 2014. The handbook will guide you step-by-step towards a successful application and answer any questions that you may have.


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