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Problem Solving Assessment (psa) sample question paper class IX

PSA QUESTION PAPER WITH ANSWERS  cbse sample paper download  

Problem Solving Assessment Question Paper 2013  :   Class-IX  download  




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79 Responses

  1. anubha kulshrestha says:

    To see the prompts

  2. Anand says:

    Please send me PSA sample papers

  3. sunilparekh says:

    please send me sample papers of english marathon std 5

  4. Athul Joseph says:

    Thanku for your question paper

  5. i want to get good results in psa

  6. vijendar says:

    Please send me PSA sample papers

  7. raj says:

    plz send a model means a sample paper

  8. pragati agrawal says:

    Sir i liked all your sample papers but may u can please help me in providing oswaal psa sample papers

  9. sona sonzzzzzzz............... says:

    sir this years psa is on next 20th for us …. meanns 12 dayz more.. i expect more marks than previous year bcoz of dis site… thank u but i need your prayers to overcome this prblm …so all of us pray for me and also to entire nazareth school manjeri malappuram…. pls pray for us everyone……………..

  10. akash says:

    please send 10th psa sample papers

  11. Aniket says:

    Sir i want the young talent search exam question and answer paper i can be succesful my parents dream and i will be give my best in this examition Sir i am studying in 9th Std please give me

  12. Smija janardhanan says:

    Sir I need some PSA sample qestion paper if you can send some sample qestion paper tn my email id

  13. seema says:

    pla send some case study with objective question for class VI to VIII

  14. himani says:

    i need some psa sample question papers of class 9 cbse of number: 9999999

  15. hardika raninga says:

    sir it would be really greatful of you if you send some more psa sample quesion papers to my email id.

  16. suraj jha says:

    suraj jha

    sir plz send me some question for psa exam for class 9th

  17. Dhiraj gupta says:

    Sir pls.. give me some tips for psa exam i will be very thankful for u…..

  18. kush says:

    pls send model test paper of psa 2014

  19. ansab khan says:

    plz send me apsa sanple paper

  20. Avinash kumar Singh says:

    it is a good sample paper for preparation of psa

  21. rahul agarwal says:

    please send psa paper for class 9th

  22. Akash says:

    My PSA Result was not good in class 9 but i think get marks in class 10 PSA to get science in class 11

  23. davinder veer singh says:

    Sir i want to give my paper online how can i give it plz give me any kind of response.

  24. ashish happy srivastava says:

    sir please give me some questions and related articles of psa…………… i would be very thankful of yours

  25. Sajeer says:

    Iam going to answer PSA first time.My friends someone told me that the PSA exam was so difficult.Is it?

  26. shivya says:

    can i hve sme gud sample papers of psa

  27. Gaurav Aswal says:

    pzz send psa papers class 9

  28. Amit kumar sahani says:

    sir, please mujhe 9th class ke psa ke question send kar dijiye with answer.

  29. Narendra says:

    It’s so good

  30. Narendra says:

    It’s soooo good

  31. akshat singh says:

    its a competitive paper

  32. Nurul Amin Laskar says:

    Psa questions for class-(xi)

  33. prateek takkar says:

    can u plzzzz snd me some sample papers of class 9th

  34. Kashish Zia says:

    We severly need it as it will be a good practise for us

  35. Yashaswi says:

    Give me some sample papers of PSA for class 9 till 15 positively.

  36. Yashaswi says:

    Sir,please send some sample papers of PSA for class 9.

  37. sneha says:

    give some new type of sample paper to my id before 16th feb 2013

  38. mani says:

    Please send the different types of model papers for Problem Solving Assessment (psa) sample question paper class IX to my mail ID.

  39. shreya says:

    From where can I check answers for psa 9th std sample paper

  40. karthika bhat says:

    sir can you please send me some PSA sample papers to this email id?

  41. p.banerjee says:

    please furnish me the sample question papers and answers if possible to my e mail id.
    bhiwani public school,

  42. Mahira khanna says:


  43. Abhishek Bharadwaj says:

    ya,it helps me a lot,
    you must try it once…

  44. ABCD says:

    where are the answer of this question,
    and i need a online practise test

  45. Abhilasha says:

    Please send the different types of model papers for Problem Solving Assessment (psa) sample question paper class IX to my mail ID.

  46. mehra ayaan says:

    answers of psa 9

  47. Mrudula says:

    Please send the different types of model papers for Problem Solving Assessment (psa) sample question paper class IX to my mail ID.

  48. sudarshan singh says:

    need online practice paper for psa

  49. I want model test of psa in my e-mail

  50. shivam says:

    plz send me the answer of that question

    my email id is

  51. Abhilasha Trivedi says:

    where are the answers of psa sample paper of class 9???????

  52. deskyong says:

    Dates of the paper and description about the paper

  53. deskyong says:

    inform me about the Competitive papers

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