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Class-IX-Maths:Summative Assessment I(SA-1): Sample Question Paper 2012

SA-I MATHS CLASS IX -2012 (Download)

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133 Responses

  1. i want to queastion paper is write

  2. Saba says:

    I need SA1 9th std CBSE board question papers with solutions

  3. Vijay king says:

    I want to sa 1 question paper for 9 class of 2016-17

  4. Rasika says:

    To get good marks

  5. Banka vinay says:

    Send me 10th class SA 1 model papers for all subjects english medium

  6. bushra says:

    Please give me 9th class maths question paper of sa1

  7. nikhil says:

    plyz send sa 1 and sa 2 sample question paper all subject plyz

  8. hanse says:

    can i get answer of

  9. sanskriti says:

    please give me the most popular ques of class 9 maths which can probably come in exam

  10. cvv raghavaiah says:

    Pl send sa1 modalpapers for class 8 to 10

  11. tani says:


  12. G.Maraiah says:

    Please send me new updates of high schools via email

  13. Please give me question papers of subject science and sst

  14. meenal gupta says:

    Pls send me the sample papers of math for class 9 for exams 2015 of s a 1

  15. 9 math sa-1 question paper

  16. Ashish kumar says:

    i want math and science sample paper class9 2015-16

  17. manish kumar says:

    Plese give math paper quaestion

  18. tushar says:

    i wanted math and science sample papers

  19. SM says:


  20. i want math sample paper of 2013

  21. Aaditya says:

    Please call me ot send email for maths

  22. Aaditya says:

    Syllabus of 9 0f sa1

  23. shristi says:

    please give me solution of r.s agrawaal sample paper1 question no.33 solution

  24. srishti says:

    i want 9th sa-2 question paper of 2012

  25. santhu says:


  26. Kartik singh says:

    Dear sir,i want german sample paper as fast as possible

  27. Alpana Phukan says:

    Sir can we get Assamese sample papers for Cl.9

  28. nivi says:

    i want d board paper of social studies of cls 8
    soonn plss

  29. nivi says:

    I wnt the sample paper of sa1
    Coz u hav examss on 24

  30. parul says:

    I want maths sample paper of last year bz…. my exam is on 23rd sept…………. good luck

  31. 111213 says:

    please i want sample paper of class 9th i can not live without it

  32. samiksha says:

    i want maths ix grade question paper plz help me

  33. umangpal says:

    For 9th standard

  34. umangpal says:

    I want maths and science papers for practise. For my mobile phone

  35. tanu says:

    i want science

  36. Saurav shakya says:

    i want cbse board questions of SA1 of last previous year for class 9

  37. lui says:

    i want sample papers of class 11 semester 1

  38. RAHUL says:


  39. upasana says:

    I want maths sample paper of 2013 of class 9

  40. aswathy says:

    Pls pls sent me a maths board exam model question paper for class 9…..?

  41. Vani says:

    Thanks a ton !🙂

  42. Mikhil says:

    plz give me SA-1 question paper.

  43. Ritu says:

    plzzzzzzz………… GIVE ME QUESTION PAPER as well as answers for them as fast as u can coz soon exam’s are going to start …………!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY !!!!!!!………….

  44. urmila says:

    Pls send me Ncert SA1 question paper for class 9?

  45. padma says:

    very good sample paper so thanks

  46. asad says:

    i want maths paper of last year

  47. pls send sample paper for class 9 quickly becoz my sa-1 will be starting from 13 sept 2013.

  48. khushali patel says:

    plz give me a maths sample paper

  49. AHMAD SHIBLI says:

    please! Give me sample paper maths

  50. sir plz help me in sa1 exm give me que paper maths,science,s s plz plz plzzzz sir

  51. prince says:

    thanks you very very much

  52. ASFIA KHAN says:

    I want d previous paper of science n maths of sa-1,just for practice

  53. varshit says:


  54. nokwanda says:

    I would like to revise before I write my gr.9 maths paper plz

  55. nokwanda says:

    I would like to revise before I write my gr.9 exam.

  56. Arun R Nair says:

    Thank You

  57. jassi kaur says:

    nice paper nd very helpful

  58. Arjunhari says:

    i need a question paper for science 2012-2013[sa-1]

  59. dfsfegt says:

    i need a question paper about science [2012-2013]

  60. sona says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz give a sample paper science and maths

  61. tanushree saini says:

    i thought that i will gain good marks with the help of these papers.thank.

  62. kushagra tandel says:

    thank u…..i needed this bcoz 2morow is my maths xam

  63. sajin says:

    thank uuuu veryyyy much……

  64. shubhamyadav says:

    can i get the answers for the sample paper i hve solved them all😀 but just want to check

  65. rishika says:

    I need a question papr for 7th class maths cbse

  66. riyanshu says:

    please give me sa1 english, ixth cbse

  67. riyanshu says:

    please give me sa1 english,

  68. please give me sa1 hindi and maths paper cbse………..

  69. Anees Muhammed says:

    Thanks ! My Maths SA-1 is tomorrow

  70. varun roy says:

    thanku for thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss please give science sa 1 paper

  71. Abhimanue Tom says:

    I hop that the examination will be easy for all. Best of luck!

  72. PRITI says:


  73. ym says:

    This was really helpful…Thank You..🙂

  74. girima says:

    sir can i get solutions

  75. althea says:

    i think maths is easy this time becoz i read fully and understood but even i need same question paper pzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  76. ranipoul says:

    sir,please mail me the sample question papers of english and maths of olympiad

  77. aman yadav says:

    i want To sTUDy……..

  78. Neelesh Mishra says:

    sir,i need sa1 samle paper of math,science and social studies.

  79. anant says:

    ITS TOO EASY………………

  80. AMIT says:

    i want even better papers for ninth & tenth class

  81. Naveen says:

    Question paper plzz

  82. Anusmita Patgiri says:

    Very helpful. Please send some more.

  83. Ishan nachiketa says:

    Sir,please mailme the sample paper of maths class-9 on my email ID.

  84. Its verrrrrrrrry helpful for d practice for maths sa1 exam.

  85. anurima says:

    i think i will be helped a lot with this….

  86. vaibhavi says:

    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.send sample papes fr class 9

  87. Sourav meena says:


  88. Purbalee Kashyap says:

    I think the Maths paper is going to be very it.? Please Reply

  89. tanuj pandey says:


  90. librarykv2calicut says:

    Dear friends you can download all the sample paper from library blog under category Summative Assessment (SA-I) Sample question paper

  91. priyal says:

    search(CBSE Papers, Questions, Answers, MCQ …) i think it will help

  92. rabiya says:

    does anyone know how is the board paper gonna be of class 9..? Of maths its gonna be ncert based or frm anywhere.??! pls reply asap anyone!!

  93. librarykv2calicut says:

    please visit library blog under the category Summative Assessment (SA-I) Sample question paper

  94. saranya says:

    Pl_zzzz send the sample question paper before September10

  95. Ankita says:

    i need sa1 class 9 test papers

  96. ayushi gupta says:

    i need a sample paper of class lX of all subjects.please help me

  97. ashutos kumar says:

    dear sir,
    i want the sample paper of class 9 of sa.1 pls mail me as fast as possible.

  98. gowry says:

    plz.. where i could find sai sample paper ix

  99. Om tiwari says:

    Sa1 sample paper

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