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Problem Solving Assessment Question Paper 2013  :Class XI

problem solving assessment (psa) sample question paper class XI IN HINDI



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52 Responses

  1. Rahul Singh says:

    Please send me sample paper.

  2. Anushka Roy says:

    psa samples are very interesting! but it must be in English!

  3. shubhamrathore says:

    Please send psa sample paper class 9 for 2014.

  4. khazi ameeruddin says:

    Alas! PSA must finished fast…

  5. sreyas says:

    krishnan sir is awesome…….

  6. nadeem says:

    really psa question is so tough
    all student have toface a problem.

  7. jithin c says:

    please send class 11 psa sample papers

  8. adarsh says:

    pleas send me psa sample question paper of 9th

  9. Lokesh kumar says:

    Please send me an psa practice paper for 11th plz….

  10. Alfia Ameer says:

    will the marks of psa taken to the 12th board exam?

  11. loose says:

    please send me the sample papers.or else i’ll fuck you

  12. Premi Angom says:

    please send psa sample questions for class xi

  13. Nidhin says:

    pls send answers of psa sample paper class 11

  14. Sweta Samal says:

    Yep…………i do agree wid d rest, psa is quite interesting and brain teasing as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Vishnupriya says:

    Please send me an psa practice paper for 11

  16. plakshu says:

    please send me sample paper for psa for class 9th

  17. armaan khan says:

    psa paper is very easy they are not difficult

  18. priya says:

    are cbse ke manager spare us!!! pehle CCE an open book exam, Kyon paka raha hai??’!!

  19. Send me sample papers.

  20. komal says:

    thanx for the sample papers

  21. psa sample paper thanx a lot..

  22. Bhanu pratap says:

    PSA model paper for class-11

  23. aakash says:

    my school’s library’s book. this library help me in school also and now it will help me on web also……. awesome

  24. Riyaz says:

    Thanks a lot!

  25. Ram Tmz says:

    helpful indeedd…

  26. umesh says:

    thanx for this

  27. rashi says:

    please give PSA sample papers

  28. vishwajeet says:

    i want to psa xi sample paper

  29. jai says:

    i just want maths, science and social science paperrs for psa for 9th class. please suggest some links

  30. abc says:

    we all luv u

  31. vikas says:

    i want psa paper online

  32. radha soni says:

    this is very helpful thnkss

  33. Aruna Kumar Ratha says:

    Please send Sample paper every subjects.for problem solving assesment for class-ix

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